Radiant Nutraceuticals Limited

A renowned healthcare solution provider in Bangladesh

Engineering facilities

Radiant engineering possesses equipped workshop and spare parts store for engineering and maintenance activities as well as instant support for any break down/ repair activities. Adequate HVAC systems are installed in the classified areas to maintain Class 100,000 or Class EU-D, Roche E2), to control differential air pressure, humidity and room temperature, to prevent contamination and cross-contamination in the products. Periodic preventive maintenance for facilities, machines and equipment are in practice to ensure cGMP compliance and quality products.

Strength of Engineering

  • A group of people having qualification and years of engineering work experiences and commitment to perform work with data integrity.
  • Own electricity generator in parallel with DESCO.
  • Own boiler for steam generation.
  • Own engineering work shop for maintenance and repairing work.
  • Mutual respect among the staff.
  • Trained and skilled Safety, Health & Environment protection team.


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