Contract Manufacturing Opportunities

Radiant Nutraceuticals Limited

A renowned healthcare solution provider in Bangladesh
Contract Manufacturing Opportunities

Radiant has the capabilities to provide a comprehensive contract manufacturing service. Our strengths for contract manufacturing are-

  • Licensee agreement with Sinoveda and Horphag
  • When partnering with Radiant, you will encounter a multifaceted crowd of employees adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). To the mutual benefit of all parties, we implement such practices through cost effective systems compliant with regulatory requirements across all functions.
  • Radiant is committed to ethical compliance, quality assurance and a caring approach towards customers.
  • Radiant has a sound professional track record and its management maintains international standards, in keeping with the work culture of a multinational company.
  • Radiant offers significant cost advantages as a manufacturer. Prospective partners can benefit from competitive advantages of skilled manpower at low cost, low energy cost, government policy support and an investor friendly environment.
  • Radiant welcomes information about new business opportunities. Each opportunity is carefully evaluated and reviewed by our dedicated team. If you are working on fresh with prospective value for patients, we encourage you to contact us.
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