Corporate Social Responsibility

Radiant Nutraceuticals Limited

A renowned healthcare solution provider in Bangladesh


Our belief is that all people deserve to live healthy and good lives. Having believed in it, Radiant is always one step ahead in terms of taking initiatives for CSR programs. Caring of our employees, assisting disadvantaged members of the society, supporting education, promoting sports & cultural activities and building sustainable community & environment are always a very high priority of our business. We have established one diabetic centre in Jenaidhaha with modern equipment for the patients who, are less privileged or cannot afford, will have the access to quality healthcare services. As socially conscious and responsible corporate body, Radiant is committed to the improvement of the society and as such, Radiant doesn’t only continue financial support to the students with good result but also stand by the school/college authority for any developmental/infrastructural work. In 2019, Radiant has established an autistic school in Jenaidhaha which is a very rare opportunity for the autistic students of distressed people of those rural areas. In 2019, Radiant is also successful of establishing three storied exquisite mosque for the Muslims of Modhukhali area of Faridpur district. Radiant has already earned a very good name by producing players of quality in the event of national/international football competition from the “Shamsul Huda Football Academy” owned by Radiant. This academy offers unique opportunity of free football coaching, accommodation and different training amenities to the selected boys of poor family all over the country. Apart from the football academy, Radiant always plays a leading role in any sports and cultural event through sponsorship. Radiant is committed to follow the labour laws, policies and good business practices and encourage good working environment that welcomes diversity and also have very fair and transparent recruitment system. Responding to the evolving needs of the society and making a significant impact on the quality of peoples’ lives will remain as one of the top most priority of Radiant.

Our commitment

Our commitment towards sustained excellence includes our efforts to benefit the communities we work with. Building the community with any kind of assistance that deemed necessary will always remain as one of the top priority of Radiant.

CSR programs in different fields carried out by Radiant Nutraceuticals Limited

  • Promoting education
  • Scholarship to students of different levels i.e university/college/school
  • Setting-up autistic school
  • Setting-up football academy for the boys from poor family
  • Setting-up diabetic center in rural areas
  • Food distribution to poor people during Ramadan
  • Food distribution to poor people during Muslims’ biggest festival
  • Sponsoring some special events/establishments for civil bureaucrats/Law enforcing agencies
  • Setting-up big mosque for local people

As part of our societal commitment, our primary focus is to promote education, encourage good health, food distribution during festival period and creating opportunities for the boys/girls from very poor family.

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