About Us

Radiant Nutraceuticals Limited

A renowned healthcare solution provider in Bangladesh

We, at the Radiant Nutraceuticals Limited, are passionate about creating effective natural and herbal medicines, providing health benefit beyond basic nutrition. We believe, there is a better way of providing natural healthcare products and helping people live healthier lives. Our unwavering commitment to quality product, developed by combining good healers of nature and science.

We are devoted to establishing health solutions through natural product with quality ingredients. We go all out to ensure the efficacy of our products.

History of Radiant Nutraceuticals Limited


Formation of Radiant Nutraceuticals Ltd.


Licensee manufacturing agreement with Sinoveda Canada Inc.

Meet our Chairman

Md. Nasser Shahrear Zahedee

Obligations to ethical compliance and commitments to quality assurance blended with caring approach to the customers and employees constitute the dynamics of Radiant.

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